electrical concept

mechanical concept

                                                                                                    from Profi 6/99


  • variable, frictional transmission from standstill and through slow speeds up to maximum speed,  

  • gentle, jolt- and wear-free starting, braking and reversing, even under maximum load,  

  • free programmability for automatic drive, driving in the optimum operating range, driving using cruise-control, transmission of the maximum pulling load, use of maximum performance etc.,  

  • no need for starter motor, generator, constant water pump, belt-drive, thermostat, fly-wheel, clutch, operating brake, turning and (load) gearbox,  

  • ideal motor power take-off shaft operation with electronic speed control at variable driving speeds due to almost complete de-coupling of engine and gearbox speeds,  

  • additional availability of the maximum engine power in the form of three-phase rotary current as well as  

  • low operating costs due to simple construction with near maintenance-free components and a high total degree of efficiency.